Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dineh Matriarch Honored for Her 30 Years of Serve to the Way of the Warrior

October 2007, Big Mountain – Honors are usually done in a very formal manner like being conducted before a room full of people as the Honoree receives their reward along with the proper handshake and applauses. At Big Mountain where a (unpopular) peoples resistance has been taken place for more than 30years, a elder woman warrior was honored with not a huge audience, but was properly done with valuable words and blessing from the cedar smoke. So, why is this resistance movement unpopular? Because these traditional Indians do not consider themselves as being a part of the United States, they believe they are not conquered, and they still believe they are a sovereign nation based on their treaty statuses and based on their ancient religious obligations. Also, because the rest of America and American Indians believe what the mass media has told them, which was that, “Big Mountain is involved in a ‘land-dispute’ with the Hopi tribe.” Such “land-dispute” or “tribal range war” theories have never been proven.

This warrior elder has stood for the ancient ways of the Dineh for 30 years. She has been harassed over and over, and local tribal officials have tried again and again to force her to sign away her aboriginal rights and relocate. Government officials really believe that this traditional Dineh elder does not understand “America” and its “great” laws of the land! This elder warrior knows all about the schemes of Peabody Western Coal and certain U.S. Congressmen, and how (they) pushed a relocation law through the U.S. Executive Branch in 1974. This great warrior woman was educated by her neighbors, the traditional Hopi elders, about the B.I.A. tribal lawyers and Peabody’s creation of a ‘false’ Hopi tribal council back in 1962. Oh yes, the rightfully Honored Elder Warrior knows about the “American Laws.” That is why she stood in defiance on behalf her peoples, the future generations and their ancestral territories.

-Sheep Dog Nation Rocks, 2008

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