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American Activism too Privileged & Bogged: Europeans Maintain Efforts for Big Mountain

American Activism too Privileged & Bogged: Europeans Maintain Efforts for Big Mountain

Stockholm, Sweden – March 7, 2009 Swedish Indigenous Supporter and Human Rights Observers held a protest and petition signing in support for the Dineh resisters at Big Mountain and for the indigenous resistance against Peabody coal mine expansion. The protest rally in Stockholm’s city square went well despite the heavy police surveillance. After the rally, the police escort notified the US embassy that the protest march was on their way towards the embassy. The protest organizers had originally hope to hand-deliver the petitions to the gates of the Embassy as they did in 1998’s Protest for Big Mountain.

According to one of the key organizer of the Stockholm protest, “The (stupid) American that I spoke to on the phone, who was inside the embassy, and I asked, ‘if they can have an Embassy representative meet us at the gate to deliver the signed petition?’ This U.S. Embassy official was very rude and his answer was basically, ‘in your dreams!’ I asked him, ‘what would it take?’ His arrogant answer again was, ‘well, maybe if you were the king or queen..’ The Embassy prefers the petitions to be sent via post.”

The Stockholm organizer also said people in the U.S. have expressed their solidarity and some even wanted to sign on to the Petition. One human rights organizer from France also was making much effort to collect signatures, there, and spreading the word about the Black Mesa / Big Mountain situation.

Wild Oak Meadow, the Swedish based indigenous support, further reports, “we have formed a network on the internet for Big Mountain, Black Mesa and about 800 people have signed up to receive information and updates, and we are still counting!”

“Wild Oaks is trying to connect with the Swedish network called, Climate Action, as well. We want to be in Copenhagen in December 2009, and show up with the Black Mesa banners and signs and hold a vigil outside the Climate summit.”

“We are networking as much as we can, right now.”

“Also Wild Oaks hope to join a local nature protection organization, Naturskydds-föreningen, who has been around for 100 years, this year. They are also involved in trying to stop the test drilling for uranium, on our Table Mountain (central Sweden), which is proposed this coming summer. All the so-called legal avenues are now exhausted in stopping this --so civil disobedience is the only option left.”

A through report from Sweden will soon follow, or follow link below to the Swedish indigenous support website.

Much love & solidarity from the Land of the Gethes (central Sweden),

Carina - on behalf of Wild Oak Meadow

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UPDATE from Big Mountain, March 21, 2009 "Happy Spring Equinox" and:

A message from Grandma and Chief of the Big Mountain resistance movement, Pauline Whitesinger:

"The BIA Indian police are intensifying their daily presence and intimidations. They have graded the main dirt roads that allows them to be on constant patrol. They are taking pictures of sheep herds and asking elders residents about the total number of animals they have corraled or roaming about.

"I think that they will be rounding up Dineh-owned cattle and horses. It is pretty likely that there will be livestock impoundments or confiscation.

"It has been mentioned to us by local Navajo officials that these Indian police operating out of the Hopi reservation do not have any real commanding-authority, because the Hopi tribal council is in defunct and is without a tribal chairperson.

"People world wide need to still support the resistance out here. The great evil wolves (U.S.A.) are prowling closer and all around us."

SDN-Rocks, 2009

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