Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Give Thanks this November to the Dineh Resisters’ Victories since 1977

“I am told that I am of no account because I will not pay rent to Washington (U.S. Government)…. But I have been paying my ‘rent’ all along. I pay my ‘rent’ to the Holy Beings every morning with my Sacred Corn Pollen offerings, and that is all the ‘rent’ that I need to pay…”
--Pauline Whitesinger, Dineh resister and Matriarch, June 2009 (Photo by Demitra Tsioulos)

Join the Caravan to Big Mountain, Black Mesa: November 21 – 28, 2009
By A BMIS On-Land Volunteer

Dineh (Navajos) on Black Mesa have been fighting to keep their land and lifeways in opposition to the law mandating that they ‘relocate’ for 30 years. Minor concessions by government and coal interests in recent years have not rectified the situation. These families have (spiritual and aboriginal) rights to remain on Black Mesa as they have for generations and be free of the threat of eviction or other excessive burdens exacted in order to run them off, in order to exploit their lands. And yet, the Office of Surface Mining has granted an extension in December 2008 for Peabody Coal’s strip mine on Black Mesa to expand and continue through 2026.

Supporters from around the globe will be convening on Black Mesa around the Thanksgiving Holiday for work parties and to establish new connections with this community that has suffered the very worst of U.S. economic gluttony and yet, exemplifies a valiant resistance to it. Consider this educational opportunity and come prepared to listen –not to preach. If you are coming, bring something to offer like: labor help, goods, winter supplies, foods, skills. Expect to leave enriched and to return.

Please contact the Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) for more details on coordination and do visit and get familiarized with the BMIS website:, also check out some Big Mountain Dineh writings at Please note that, Elders in Resistance are requesting long-term volunteers to herd sheep and assist with daily manual chores. So, consider setting aside a long stretch of time if possible. Are you willing to organize a crew from your community? If so, and/or have any other inquiries about supporting the Big Mountain resistance to coal mining and cultural extermination contact: BMIS at 928-773-8086 or email:

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