Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ALERT: Helpers Needed at Big Mtn. to Keep Dineh Resistance Spirit Alive

"Winter in Navajoland" by Marjorie Reed, 1982

SheepDog Nation Rocks "wants to inform that besides efforts to hand signed papers to world leaders in Copenhagen which unfortunately corporate warlords won't see, aging Dineh resisters at Big Mtn's frontline to stop global warming are in direr need of physical support on their harsh freezing and remote but sacred lands. Sheepherders and elder care givers NEEDED! Email: or phone 928-773-8086"

Big Mountain, Black Mesa December 16, 2009 - Once upon a time they all stood strong to protect the human race as they themselves put it. The Big Mountain Dineh Elders have endured so much since the 1970s and at the same time, they have defended and perserved that human dignity of natural survival, subsistence and religious values. They have resisted the U.S. government's genocide policies to vacate lands that Peabody Coal Company recognized as the Black Mesa coal fields. In the name of America's greedy electricity needs, the Justice Department through the Interior Department's B.I.A. have kept these resisters in isolation and away from all media attention.

Now these once brave elders are unable to endure the freezing temperatures of winter, to walk outside to chopped wood, to cook a warm meal for themselves, and to keep their ancient livelihoods like herding sheep alive.

Where are their children or grandchildren you might asked? That is not the issue because you can just look outside your window and see what America has turned ordinary humans into.

The issue is come out ASAP to give a little of your time, to sacrifice that Americanized (sacred) holidays, and lend lots of helping muscles and bones to comfort and honor these weaken resisters.

Thank you for your time.

-SheepDog, Chief Loner


Anonymous said...

Blessings Bahe

Thank you for your articles. I was very moved with your heart powered AIM song at the closing circle November 28th. Pauline noticed and i sang with you as much as i could as i stood with her, her grandaughter and great grandaughter. Thank you for your staunch stand for SDN and all you continue doing. Wish i could have spent some time talking with you. Just want you to know how much i appreciate your devotion to the struggle. Taina told me she wants to go see Pauline and i hope we can return soon. Been hard over these last years. I will look for helpers to send if i can find good ones.
Peace, love and justice,

Anonymous said...
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