Monday, March 1, 2010

Chief Loner Comment was Censored at "Censored News!"

Chief Loner's comment at Censored News was "censored!" This Blog basically promotes indigenous issues involving environment, sacred sites and human rights in Indian country. I believe I was "censored" because I have always spoken out on behalf of the traditional, land-based and sovereign resistance at Big Mountain. I made a comment about: how Urban Indian organizations deliberally exclude THEIR own traditional elders on the land, at the frontlines, in order to glorify their urban movements against WHITEMAN-made policies. The political movement world has changed, and it does not care about the real sacred ways of sovereign survivals so, the real indigenous representation does not belong anywhere in this modern convienent world....
An article was written about the resurgents of uranium mining and thousands of pending mine claims on the far northwestern side of the Grand Canyon. The article was of good intention and was only informative about historical data and events of the past Four Corners region mining and millings. The article lack very much the future potential impacts to ecology as well as indigenous communities that included the Dineh (Navajo) lands. Indigenous Action Media just like the Black Mesa Water Coalition are of urban origin based out of Flagstaff, and it is no surprised that they again excluded their peoples' uncertain future of radiation contamination. This article had no real intention except to regurgitate the 1950s thru 1980s events of uranium mining in Dineh and Pueblo country.
My comment basically asked why this article failed to provide more about how the uranium ore was to be transported to southeastern Utah from Grand Canyon north. Thousands of Dineh would be impacted again, but Indigenous Action Media only projected old information which obliviously shows an intention of self-promotion.

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