Monday, April 19, 2010

Farewell to My Auntie & Elder Matriarch: Sarah Begay

UPDATE: For those of you who are in-tuned with the struggles for peace and harmony, & resistance to American corporate racism: TODAY, I SALUTE & BID FAREWELL TO ONE OF MY ELDER MATRIARCH, SARAH BEGAY OF TIIC YA TOH. She called me Son, she was true to the histories of the Peoples, she honored sovereignty & the sacred ways, she was a Sun Dancer from the first four years at Big Mountain.

As a member of one of the last traditional, culturally-intact and landbased community at Big Mountain Dineh territories, I am beginning to see the hopes of an "Indian Future" looking more threatened. The legacies of our traditional Dineh elders were not learned and none of the children have declared to preserve the sacred stories.

Sarah always talked about survival of the Dineh culture and its ancient ritual ways because her mom was a very great Medicine Woman. Sarah always wanted to maintain our Dineh identity and that that identity included our ancient intertribal-ship with the Hopi Nation. Her strong wishes were expressed in the representations she brought to the world: "our lands must never be occupied by Peabody Coal Company and that our ancient cultural-ties with our Hopi relatives should never be severed."

I and my friends in solidarity will continue to hear your words and try our best to live up to your humble advices and guidance. Aho, To All Our Relations! -Kat Bahe (aka Chief Loner & Sheep Dog Nation Media)