Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Useless Politics Aside, Now It's A Matter of Indigenous Survival! Pt. 3

“Nomads of Papua”
An adventurous associate of my sent me a brief message [below] about his travels and making more short documentaries for French Television programming.

I, as an indigenous being that face transition in this fast moving, fast deteriorating techno-modern world and as well as, a being witnessing his former land-base culture dying, I have some hope for planet earth when I see some isolated humans still living in balance and sustainably.

I shall only continue to hope and pray that there will be some sense of indigenous humanity left in this capitalistic monster, the US of A, when I am long gone. Meantime, I only pray for my own and my children’s positivity that we will carry on the natural fires, the prayer stones, the skill to make stone points and its arrows and bows, and to carry the knowledge of cooking over the right kind of wood charcoals and to make the proper prayers to the Great Grandmother Fire.

Finally, this quote:

“Another world, unsettling, the one from which they come probably.”

I am amazed that my fellow adventurer states this even as a French citizen and I feel that such a statement is so contrary to the American thought or the Native American thought of today. Majority of modern Native Americans think they only come for that materialistic consumer world and have no clue of ever coming from a natural, harmonized eco-system. –Nbyk, SDMmedia.
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“Hello Kat,

“How are you?

“I just come back from Papua where people still cut stones like in Palaeolithic age

“Next year, I plan to cross Mexico on the "silver road" and to finish in the USA around Santa Fe. Maybe we'll meet again.

“Tell me more about the future of your people. How do you manage with the mine? How is it going for Mary Lou and Clarence?



“Korowais live in trees, in high houses no car, yet on roads. No bike, yet workable tracks. Two legs to say that they are man and the conopée for skyline. Another world, unsettling, the one from which they come probably.”

(Photographs from filming accomplished for documentary series “The New Explorers – Christophe Cousin in Papua.”)

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