Saturday, October 4, 2014

More to Come from Chief Loner and SDN Media…

I have not posted any writings for a while or since after my trip to Japan in March 2014. I have had a couple of attempts to give Facebook a try to basically network and spread the word from the Lands and Peoples of the Big Mountain resistance to coal mining and relocation policies. Now, I wish to remain with Blogging and do updates with emails. Finally, I want to make note that I have been a bit silenced due the passing of key Dineh elder resisters who have inspired me all the times that I stood with them in resistance. Now, I am beginning to see reality of colonization and the defeat of my Elders’ ancient wisdoms about upholding the laws of ecology and humanity. Today, every place and within every Dineh households, they have well adapted to the identity of being “Navajo” and “American” citizens. This has crammed me into a dark corner where I feel I am no part of American society or the Native American world.

This relocation and land-partitioning laws at Big Mountain has critically impacted and devastated the state of our well-being and the inter-clanship systems of reinforcing the futures. Many of my relatives have accepted the relocation laws and have moved away in the early stages of our resistance. Furthermore, some of them even tried to alter our movement on the lands, and they also aligned themselves with the colonial tribal puppets to undermine our sovereign stands. This has impacted me greatly since I was at the forefront of the resistance in organizing and initiating actions at the frontlines. Today, I have  little or no heart for some of my own relatives mainly because they have never gave us any words of support and now, my Chiefs are gone! This is War. But teachings and some understandings must still be taught and shared in regards to original humanity and spiritual obligation. I shall hope to continue in that capacity even though it is very painful that the culture is vanishing as the lands or earth and sky are left to themselves.

More soon from SheepDogNation Media, and Thanks for your patience. ß byk

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