Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hopi: Techqua Ikachi Pt1 ENGLISH

SheepDogNationMedia / Chief Loner says:

Once upon a time when a few of my Hopi elders were still around, they showed me some these footages (8mm films), and they inspired me along with many of their Hopi-Dineh stories as well as, when I was little my parents took me to dances at Hotevilla. Now, some of those footage are available! 
About half way through the film it shows Dan Katchongva, Youkima's (1906-11 resistance leader and Village Chief) son, and you can see how the village of Hotevilla resisted the Hopi tribal gov't trying to force electricity, water and BIA-Hopi authority into the village. You see Dan overseeing the dismantling of the pipes and power poles. A peaceful confrontation with the BIA and Hopi "officials."
There is also one old Hotevilla Chief and Head Priest, Titus, singing the song about the Prophecy as elder James Koots (producer and director of photography) listens. This film is a message about Prophecy and signs that will tell of human cultures end or the way to avoid that end.
I hope you try to understand visually and listen with your hearts, and try to see those few
traditional Hopis as I've known them.  ~byk

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